translated from Spanish: NHDRS present lawsuit by “unnecessary violence” by police against student severely injured during March 8 M in Valparaiso

On March 8, in full manifestation by the international women’s day in the region of Valparaiso, a car Jet Launches water police struck squarely in a young student of journalism at the Catholic University of Valparaíso. Result: trauma brain cranial (TEC) mild, wrist sprain and a broken kneecap of the left knee with a commitment to articulate.
It is for this reason that the national human rights Institute filed a complaint for the offence of unnecessary violence resulting in serious injury against those who are responsible for this fact. It will be presented at the Court of warranty of Valparaiso.
Fernando Martínez, regional Chief of the NHRIS in Valparaiso, said that “by the history of public knowledge is appreciated the existence of dangerous conduct that directly wounded a protester, creating a risk that exceeds the allowable range of the” use of such dissuasive means or use of force that delimit the policing in this type of situation”.
For Rodrigo Bustos, Chief of the Judicial legal unit of the NHDR, “these facts are extremely serious because it is not an isolated case and we are again facing a violation of human rights committed by police personnel in a social manifestation.”

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