translated from Spanish: Vote of confidence and not a blank cheque, support to national guard: Javier Paredes

Morelia; Michoacán-the Coordinator of the parliamentary representation in the legislature 74, Javier Paredes Andrade, made it clear that the approval of the minutes of the decree for the creation of the National Guard, is a vote of confidence to the Federal Government, but not represents a blank cheque.
This, after the session and with the unanimous vote of the members of the Congress of the State, to approve the reforms to the Constitution which allows for the creation of the said security, which aims to restore order, calm and peace in the nation.
Walls Andrade held that Michoacán has joined the rest of the States that have already passed constitutional reforms, to show that the Purépecha Earth has total layout contribute to changes required by the country, with the target firm search bases and livelihoods for the safety of Mexicans.
The only popular movement citizen representative, added that this is a sign that through efforts and agreements to the inside of the Board on policy coordination (JUCOPO), the momentous issues for the country and State can move forward.
«I am pleased that begins to be understanding, dialogue, respect, and above all that we begin to coordinate», said.
He added that thanks to the participation citizen, civil society organizations, specialists in the matter and the own participation of political actors, modified the initial model that was intended to implement in the National Guard.
«It was intended to militarize, despite the fact that we were a bad precedent which was the guard inside, which was declared unconstitutional by the own Supreme Court of the Justice of the nation and this exercise sought to virtually the same and therefore applaud that there was the» opening to capture the National Guard is commanded by a civilian and not military command», explained.
I hope that with the creation of this new body of safety, lower the high rates of crime, and criminal so as to restore national peace, so that Mexicans live in tranquility.
Walls Andrade confirmed that support for the proposal by the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, is a «vote of confidence, but not a blank cheque» and assured that it will remain vigilant of the Federal Government to respect the rights human and reached the expectations generated by the National Guard.

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