translated from Spanish: Facundo Ambrosioni, boyfriend of Morena Rial, about his controversial statements

Facundo Ambrosioni was cover of the magazine soon, where is highlighted a controversial textual phrase that did not hesitate to be replicated by the media. “Rial attacked me in the media, in the face never told me anything”, can be read on the cover.

“When days for what will become father of Francesco Benicio alongside More Rial, the Cordoba 19 year old is encouraged for the first time to talk about his life: the reasons that led his father to prison, his experience in independent pension and the cases of abu” sos, the coexistence with Morena and the truth about his relationship with the conductor of intruders, presented the note. “Some statements the boyfriend of Morena Rial interview talked about the relationship father and daughter, which was one of the issues last year as the young woman kept alert to his followers through a series of stories of Instagram who reported family conflicts.” Seems to me beyond any problem, they will continue to be father and daughter and that’s the most important thing. Want more is that she is well with your family”, said.

Rial brunette and her boyfriend Facund Ambrosioni | Photo: Instagram personally, added: “Yes, the times that I saw them I was treated with respect, never told me nothing wrong on the face. “” Then, in the media never attacked them, but them if attacked me “.” I understand that I knew and knowing that my dad was in prison, might have seemed weird. But it seems to me that we should have gathered to talk like men, so that I knew my history well. It should not have me prejudged”, it said.

How took the young the reconciliation of his girlfriend with the driver?  “I knew that sooner or later it was going to sort things out and that I was going to stay in the middle. Then it was better shut my mouth and make me the idiot,”he said. His stance after published the note then that will give out the cover, Ambrosioni dissociated himself from the sayings. Through its official account of Instagram, he explained the origin of the words listed as their textual witness.

Facundo Ambrosioni on interview | Photo: Instagram @facuambrosioniok “I want to clarify the title of the cover of Pronto. Those words are out of context”, ended with the image of the cover included in the post.

Original source in Spanish

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