translated from Spanish: PS MPs to appeal to justice for internal party elections

Deputy Juan Luis Castro announced that they will resort to justice, after denouncing new irregularities in the internal elections of the Socialist Party (PS). This was followed by the report of Canal 13, in which links were revealed on the part of the electoral roll of the commune of San Ramón with the drug trafficking, which has generated questioning the triumph of the list headed by Senator Alvaro Elizalde. Castro noted on Thursday that along with other PS militants, they denounced the Supreme Court last May for possible defects in the elections of the O’Higgins Region. After not hosting the appeal, the Member reported that “tomorrow we will go to ordinary justice, this means with recourse for protection and/or the regional electoral tribunal, as instructed by the lawyers,” according to Emol. In addition, the parliamentarian acknowledged that “a flawed election was validated where there are also persons from San Ramón, with hauling and with people with doubtful reputation.” In the same vein, he added that they are “officials of direct confidence of the mayor of San Ramón, Miguel Aguilera, grafted in the Sixth Region, in the official list that topped the area of Senator Juan Pablo Letelier (member of the list of Elizalde)”. Castro noted that there is no will “to agree. There is interest in leaving the facts consummate, of leaving things as they are, maintaining a trench of power, re-electing the current president at whatever price.” It should be recalled that Senator Elizalde ruled out the creation of an internal table, as proposed by some parliamentarians, along with reiterating that the elections will not be repeated.


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