translated from Spanish: 37 years of the Malvinas war, we remember the women involved

as it was the case with several events in the general history, the women who participated in the war of the Falklands were invisible and even today, 37 years of that fateful 2 d (e) April, they struggle to be recognized. It’s 6 volunteers who boarded the icebreaker ARA Almirante Irizar and the other 13 members of the air force who worked in relocatable Comodoro Rivadavia Hospital. All of them were in contact with soldiers who were sent to the front and, as such, deserve recognition of Veterans of the first Malvinas.Las Guerra embarked on June 4, 1982. Initially, they planned to send them to a hospital on land in Puerto Argentino, but fear to take them as prisoners did they put them aboard the arrival was not easy: when they got to the hospital ship, situated 600 meters from the Islands the men were surprised and began to charge them with the ignorant myth that says women in a boat to bring bad luck. Despite his inexperience, – as opposed to the British nurses, who were already professional – they were in constant contact with the injured whose gravity prevented to continue on the Islands. They came in helicopters and rubber rafts and were uploaded to the ship virtually as it could be. The second group were military rank nurses receiving about 30 soldiers a day, that arrived to the Hospital of Commodore in boats and planes. According to the book «Invisible women», Alicia Panero, what most remember is the wounded calling for their mothers as soon as the aircraft doors were opened. They had between 15 and 30 years. It was an abuse of the State to recruit minors for this work. They were invisible, ninguneadas, and forgotten. But today we and we remember them.

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