translated from Spanish: Teachers who pass the exam receive any contracts

while educational reform is frozen in the Chamber of Deputies, hundreds of teachers of basic education in Baja California Sur and Sinaloa claim a square teaching after submit and approve the entrance examination during the last five years.
At this time, the Secretariat of public education (SEP) in the States has given only eventual contracts, so claim a final place, mostly because they don’t know what will happen to their cases if you eliminate the obligation of examination to obtain a square how the initiative of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador reform proposes it.
Proof of this is that until 2018, 791 million 777 people had any assessment for entry or promotion (rise) in the teaching service, according to information from the SEP. Of the total, only 187 thousand got a square back entry or promotion in basic education and upper, middle which means that 10% of the contestants were hired permanently.
See also: special education secretes and puts barriers; NGOs and agencies aim to eliminate model of education reform due to that demand is greater than supply, whenever a teacher presents a test and certifies it is considered as “ideal” and the SEP places him in a list of “priority”, and in accordance with the retrieved score is u bicado of greater or lesser and assign to them the seats available.
However, in the case of Baja California Sur, for example, in one year there was just eight seats available to deliver, while in elementary school, the maximum was 130.
Antonio Virgilio, one of the interviewed teachers, got position 54 in the first year that participated in the test, in 2014, but of the 130 seats available, most were delivered to graduates of the normal and just 24 for graduates from other universities.
This as part of the agreement between the National Union of education workers (SNTE) and the SEP to give priority to students from normal during the first two years of operation of the educational reform.
So in five years carried out the examination are piling “qualified” teachers without having enough places to put them all.
In fact, this year the picture will not change for teachers. In the call for the review of the school year 2019-2020 does not offer no new creation, or definitive vacancy or temporary square. Only 108 places were opened to primary English teachers.
But that does not mean that there is no demand for teachers, but there is no budget for the squares. Why is that Virgil has worked with any contracts with term of six months for five years, and with a salary of 3 thousand 857 biweekly pesos delivered by the Government of the State; In addition, each year must repeat the entrance examination and credit it to keep as possible hoping to secure a final place.
“We are cheap labor for the SEP. We earn little and have labor uncertainty. In addition, May 31 loses force our ‘suitability’ of the last review and we do not know what will happen to us after the educational reform”, he says in an interview.
When President López Obrador visited Baja California Sur, as part of the tour of gratitude after electoral triumph, teachers delivered you a request to attend their cases. He promised them that they would get their place, but so far they have not received any other communication.
Sinaloa masters are in the same situation. In fact on 12 February they sent a letter to the President and the Secretary of education, Esteban Moctezuma, to exhibit the same problem.
AMLO proposed educational reform without budget evaluation that the only law of the school year 2018-2019, mil 370 teachers were qualified, but they have not been hired. Even “have been assigned seats to teachers who have failed the test” and when those who have competed if claim to the educational authority of the State to respond to there is no more work spaces.
The year passed “800 teachers attended an event of early retirement and the start of the school year because there were no working”, and no ideal he was hired, exposed in the letter.
A teacher of Sinaloa, who prefers anonymity, did a review in 2018 and it is on a list with over a thousand appropriate persons, but they have just hired to just over 400. “The mafia of the CNTE is everything what gives still with places selling or trading in influence,” he says.

4th master hundreds of teachers who have tried to obtain a place in the last five years and do not belong to the SNTE nor the dissident wing of the national coordinator of education workers (CNTE) formed since last January the moving ENTO “Teachers of the 4th transformation of Baja California Sur”, with the intention to push and get any solution.
Through Facebook and WhatsApp communicate and organize. By groups they have collected the registration of those teachers who credited the exam and are “ideal”, but have not obtained plaza. According to his calculations, adding 900 teachers in the State in that situation.
Last week got a meeting with the Secretary of education of the entity, Héctor Jiménez, who told them that “couldn’t promise anything” about the squares and that so far the education reform remained valid and there was no certainty of what can happen.
President Andrés Manuel López Obrador proposed last December to the legislature the Elimination of the teaching evaluation, i.e. to “repeal” of former President Enrique Peña Nieto educational reform. But in the new initiative not included what would be the mechanism of allocation which would replace the exams to obtain a place.
On April 2, Morena in the Chamber of Deputies parliamentary group reported that there is no date to raise education reform to the full since dialogue will be exhausted with the teachers and the parliamentary groups. 
Precisely the point of discussion is the mechanism for assigning the teaching positions. Prior to the reform, there was the practice of sale and inheritance, but the reform, compulsory examination was established.
For this reason, in recent weeks magisterial dissent in the CNTE has made demonstrations and sit-ins in the Chamber of Deputies and senators with what prevented discussion of the opinion on education and constitutional points commissions dictaminarían initiative.
According to the Deputy of movement citizen Martha Tagle, can’t be reached an agreement with the CNTE because “they are not interested in an educational project that serves him to Mexico, all looking for is control of spaces, places and resources”.
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