translated from Spanish: Former Presidents of Mexico Calderón and Fox will have military security: AMLO

city of Mexico.-the President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador reported that eight security elements will be assigned to each of the former Presidents Vicente Fox and Felipe Calderón, this following a request made last two or three months ago, but «was not to make him known».
In an interview upon arrival at the international airport of Mexico from Morelia, Michoacan, confirmed that he ordered the head of the Secretariat of national defense (Sedena), Luis Cresencio Sandoval, is assigned an escort of eight elements of the army to each of the former Presidents Fox and Calderon.
Lopez Obrador said that the exmandatarios will have this protection time needed, but «hopefully they also look for how to solve its security».
He pointed out that it will not be excessive security as leaders, had it before are only eight elements for everyone due to the performance which had as extitulares of the Executive branch.
He said that he gave instruction to the holder of the Sedena to prepare «safety equipment, a personal, effective, without the excesses that the Presidents had because many elements of the (missing) staff were dedicated to the care of the» «former Presidents, but besides that had administrative staff and million-dollar pensions».
He explained that, for Calderon, the request was made through a letter in which he explained the reasons to have protection, and now Vicente Fox from what published in your Twitter account that an alleged armed command tried to enter their domici mess.
Lopez Obrador said that in his message Fox Quesada blamed the President of what happens to him and his family, «is a no-brainer because I am responsible for the security of all Mexicans».
He acknowledged that it is special because it is Presidents and «I hope that nothing happens to anyone, if I assume that it is my responsibility».

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