translated from Spanish: They found the lifeless body of the 8 years old baby who fell to the Creek

an accident which took place this Sunday morning ended in tragedy once the body of Fire Department of the city of Buenos Aires confirmed that they found the lifeless body of a boy of 8 years in the lower Riachuelo.El riding in a Chevrolet Aveo next to his dad when the vehicle fell into the water at the height of the Bosch bridge. The man was able to rise to the surface, while authorities searched for the child for 6 hours until they gave with his body. The news was confirmed by the Subcomandante Bernardi, that, in dialogue with the press, said: “We could give with the vehicle and then the child who was inside”.

According to him “would have moved approximately 30 meters from the place where the vehicle would have fallen” and “not met since seat belt”. Although it became known that you it’s the small and SAME was “to the death”, “recognition is in charge of the police of the province”. In terms of the State in which the father was, apparently drove fortified: “the only information we have is that of the first ambulance: alcohol contamination Diagnostics”. It was also found that a railing where the Chevrolet is flooded was missing. The car will be removed in the next few hours.

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