translated from Spanish: Tax reform: Piñera returns to the discourse of “patriotism” to position the members

A call to the “patriotism” of the deputies made President Sebastián Piñera ad portas vote in the Finance Committee of the Chamber of Deputies where the idea must be settled to legislate this initiative.
During his visit to the Region of Maule, where he presented the regional plan, the President referred to tomorrow’s vote Wednesday, noting that “I am convinced, because I have great faith in the good will and patriotism of my fellow countrymen, we are going to get to a” agreement on tax matters, because the tax modernization all experts, SME, the former Ministers of the coalition have said it is necessary for Chile”. The appeal by the President to patriotism remains attention, considering that on previous occasions it has whipped the opposition accusing her of having a “calling it unpatriotic” attitude, a description which has been harshly rejected from the center-left.
The Finance Committee of the Chamber of deputies must vote the idea of legislating the project, in a procedure where all eyes are on the Christian Democrats, the party that has left open the option of giving your vote tomorrow.
According to Pinera, “I have great faith, confidence in that Parliament, and in particular the Committee on Finance of the House of representatives, will understand all the benefits that means tax modernization and will approve the idea of legislate.”
In the opinion of the President, it is necessary that the draft be adopted, noting that Chile requires it “to be able to continue growing strongly, to create more and better jobs, to promote investment, innovation and entrepreneurship, to give a tax break to” “SMEs, to give better treatment to the elderly, to generate more resources for the regions need and urgently a tax modernization”.

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