translated from Spanish: Juan Absatz, keyboardist of Fito Páez: “He has a power that transcends generations”

Juan Absatz is the keyboardist of Fito Páez current, but it is also much more than that: with songs like “Fake diamond”, “It is still late” or “Smoke and foam”, is c onsolido in the current music scene. The artist arrived tonight in theatre Monteviejo, from 9 p.m. to continue presenting their album “An elephant in the room”, successor to the former “Gone astray” and “No one is to blame”. LIS tickets for the show can be purchased through your Entrada.En this framework, the musician talked to Filo.News about how to prepare the concert, how combines his career as a solo artist with his work with Fito Páez and much more. 

“I hear the disc and see how the songs were captured that moment and they continue to evolve. In each concert they will suffer modifications, change, I love the live process”, it commented on the disk.” We will have a beautiful evening”, he said on today’s presentation and added:”we like versioning things, we play with other songs, fun and much of the playful world ends on the stage”. Throughout his career, he participated in bands and artists like the authentic decadent, Andy Chango, Fabiana Cantilo and Coti Sorokin, among others; without a doubt, all that curriculum left him a lot of anecdotes and learning. “All previous work, having been part of a group lot, for my food was”, confessed.
“I worked with talentosisima people and this is a school,” he revealed.

However, I needed to throw the same. This was stated by for this medium: “after having played with many groups, and have collaborated with many people decided to burn my discs as soloist. It is great on one hand because it gives you a lot of freedom, and things become really what one intended to be”. Even so, told: “has its other side, which is the cost of that freedom. One is enough alone, the decisions, the thrust of an entire project rests with one person”. Today, combines his solo project with his work in the band of Fito Páez. But for them it is more than a job: is a meeting of friends in every trial, every recital.

“The relationship we have with Fito is very good. “Whenever we went out on tour, after playing, we’re going to eat and most likely ended up in a bar or in a hotel room talking about how he was the concert, raves and all that”, said. Then, added: “we are a band that enjoys much of that pursuit of excellence that he has. Already seeing it work one sees and learns, as a weapon the trials, as she faces a concert; I see how it works and helps me”.

In this routine, the keyboardist said that often becomes difficult to “merge agendas”, i.e. to each hand anticipate recitals and dates for fans. But everything is worthwhile. When they go up to the stage, when they see the public, everything takes on another color. Precisely, the Lollapalooza made it clear: “the concert was incredible, tremendous. “The amount of people that had, of all ages… kids of 15 years singing”11 and 6″!, that makes you notice that the type has a power that transcends generations, was very enjoyable”. In this note:

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