translated from Spanish: «It’s compatible to be gay and Catholic, why not?»: how to live a gay colleague the traditional celebration of Seville

«I live well being homosexual in a church,» said Manuel, a young man of 23 years who belongs to four of dozens of Catholic confraternities carrying the traditional processions in Seville every Easter.
But despite that statement, Manuel agreed to speak with BBC World only with a fictitious name and with the condition of not being identified, since she fears that talk about his sexual orientation publicly could harm the brotherhoods of which is a member.
The gay colleagues, «latent reality» of traditional brotherhoods of Holy week in Seville
The LGBT community is actively involved in one of the most emblematic of this city in the South of Spain.
The Church told BBC world that do not have a specific rule that prohibits members of the LGTB collective belong to fraternities. But if demanded by those who want to be part of the Board of Governors, as it is the case of Manuel, who have «exemplary behaviour».
Many gays are well-integrated in the guilds, but get that someone talk about this in the media is a line that prefer to not cross for fear of being rejected in their brotherhoods.

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