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World.-a study published by The American Psycological Association has just revealed that relationships in which there is a great difference in age are more durable, but why say that ‘stolen youth’?
Some experts, say that living with a person can change certain habits, but also the immune system.
After years of relationship, yes they could look like your partner, but not necessarily refers to the physical, but adapted similar conduct and share more interests.
Most of the time, the dominant person in the couple is the largest, for this reason, some people mentioned that ‘stolen youth’. Regularly, the minor is adapting to the activities of the biggest and they end up sharing tastes.
Therefore, not necessarily ennoviarte or marry someone bigger going to steal your youth, but yes it will change your way of thinking, activities and even your lifestyle.
You must know that in our country this kind of relations are being questioned because when one 50-year-old man presents in society to his girlfriend of 20 years, friends tend to congratulate him on his new ‘feat’. However, if it is the ‘older’ woman that the boyfriend, people catalog it’s asaltacunas and criticize her harshly.
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