translated from Spanish: They escrachan to reference livestock that would have bothered to Cristina to the aircraft

As the Senator Cristina Fernández de Kirchner returned to Cuba after saying goodbye to his mother, they argue that there was a man who came to disturb her and even a photo would have been taken to send it ‘to a PRO type». Now, the image of this person travelled through social networks and found that you it’s a reference livestock. It was the journalist Roberto Navarro who spread the image and said: «such upset Cristina on the plane, when he went to see his sick daughter, after the death of her mother». Juan Grabois, CTEP, said it and added that you came «at close range, he takes a photo and sends it to a PRO type».

Hours later, it was found that it is the reference livestock David Lacroze ayerza, current coordinator of the Bureau of livestock and meats and former head of the National Board of grain during the last dictatorship. He is the founder of the Grupo Lacroze and was director of the Argentina Rural society and the Business Association of Argentina, as well as Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the nation.

The former Chief of Cabinet Aníbal Fernández said that it is «a close to Marcos Peña». Also linked to the owner of ANSES, Emilio Basavilbaso.Las first information recorded Lacroze approached the former President, spoke to the ear, and photographed it.

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