translated from Spanish: Ukraine. Comedian defies President and beat in elections

Kiev-actor and comedian Vladímir Zelenski, who challenged the President of Ukraine through a television program, and today won the majority of votes in the second round of presidential elections. According to the first official results.
As yet I’m not officially President, I write as a Ukrainian citizen to all post-Soviet countries. Look at us, anything is possible. Thank you God! “, said Zelenski in its headquarters.”

Counted more than 25% of the votes, Zelenski obtained 73,22% of the votes, result that if confirmed it would be the biggest electoral win in the history of Ukraine since its independence from the Union Sovietica.poroshenko, who paid the price of the acute crisis Economic and the entrenchment of the conflict in the Donbas, in the East of the country, achieves a 24 thousand 225 votes, according to the Central Electoral Commission (CEC). Zelenski, a comedian from 41 years without political baggage, achieved a historic result, since he won presidential elections in all regions of the country and in each of the provinces less two more Westerners, cradle of Ukrainian nationalism (Lvov e) Ivano-Frankovsk). In the Eastern Russian-speaking, where is Zelenski originally, actor victory was overwhelming, as it added nearly 90% of the votes. Poroshenko, who was aupado to power by the revolution of the Maidan that overthrew the pro-Russian Víktor Yanukóvich in 2014, did not hesitate to admit his defeat, but warned a line followed by the victory of her rival to will be held at the Kremlin.Mientras, Zelenski promised that his “number one” priority in office will be the cessation of the fighting and, consequently, the end of the war between the Ukrainian army and prorrusas militias in the East of the country.
We have to stop the shooting to stop our boys die

He also advocated reforming the process of settlement based on the peace agreements of Minsk of February 2015, and opted for a new format of negotiations involving Russia and Western countries.
Although it called enemy at the head of the Kremlin, Vladímir Putin has been willing during the campaign to talk with him to achieve peace in the Donbas.tambien was considered one of its main objectives the return of all prisoners of war in possession of the popular self-proclaimed republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, and the release of the 24 seamen imprisoned last November by Russia in the naval incident in the Black Sea.
Thanks to all Ukrainians who supported me. Thanks to all Ukrainians wherever you are. I promise that I will not fail,”said a euphoric Zelenski.

On the other hand, some opposition members considered that Ukrainians did not vote in favour of Zelenski, but against the war, the high cost of living and the management of the country from the outside, in allusion to Occidente.Y, according to the experts, Zelenski will be a weak President, who It will be against the Parliament (Verkhovna Rada), which will hold elections in autumn, since it does not have a strong political party.” People expect the President’s economic decisions, although this is not one of its faculties. We will only know who has more power, if the President or the Prime Minister after the legislative. There, Poroshenko will try to revenge”, he told Efe the political scientist Vladimir Fesenko.Eso is, precisely, that encouraged many Ukrainians to support Zelenski, since they do not want Ukraine to have a presidential system like the Russian one,”where a Tsar decided it all”, as told Efe Yuri after cast a ballot. Zelenski, which cemented his popularity in the popular television series “The servant of the people”, which plays a history teacher who arrives at the Presidency of the country, has promised that a single term will remain in office. After congratulating his rival and offer all assistance in the transfer of power, Poroshenko stressed that it has no intention to abandon the policy, and said that Zelenski will encounter with a “very strong” opposition.

In addition, appealed to the international community for help to Ukraine “to safeguard its achievements and the strategic choice that has made integrated into the European Union (EU) and NATO”.
Why please, remain beside Ukraine, come what may!

Zelenski supports both income in the EU, but it has not set a date at the request as Poroshenko, who spoke of 2023 during the campaign, such as integration into the Atlantic Alliance, albeit only after a referendum.

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