Gabriela Cerruti resigned her seat as a deputy and would assume the government

The national deputy Gabriela Cerruti presented today the resignation of her seat to join the communication area of the Government, so that the ruling bloc is temporarily reduced to 116 members. Cerruti, who has a past as a journalist for various media, had a mandate until December 10, which will now be occupied by Gustavo López -director of the National Communications Entity- or by the former Buenos Aires legislator Gabriela Alegre, for being those who remained on the list of Citizen Unity of 2017.

During her tenure of almost four years in the Lower House, Cerruti has as a highlight having been one of those in charge of closing the debate on the vote on the project on voluntary interruption of pregnancy, a speech that motivated a strong support of those who accompanied the initiative. Meanwhile, there has been speculation for weeks with his arrival to the national government, with a role of spokeswoman who provides daily statements on the direction of the government, within the framework of the official objective of moving Alberto Fernández from the exposure to which he was subjected until a month ago.
That position was held until before the elections by Juan Pablo Biondi, harshly criticized by Cristina Kirchner – she asked her to leave her position – in the letter she published on the Thursday after the electoral catastrophe of September 12. The vice president said he was “a spokesman whose voice is not known” and blamed him for “operations” that emerged from the presidential environment in off the record. Cerruti, in this case, would arrive with a role opposite to Biondi.De any case, instead of Biondi, who occupied the Secretariat of Communication of the Nation, Juan Ross assumed. As a journalist, Cerruti worked at the Noticias Argentinas agency, the seminar Somos and became editor of Política on Page 12. He wrote the book El Jefe, vida y obra de Carlos Saúl Menem and also El pibe. Business, intrigues and secrets of Mauricio Macri, the man who wants to be President.

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