translated from Spanish: Deputy Francisco Cedillo, spokesman for the agricultural sector in Michoacán

Morelia, Michoacan.-to serve as a spokesman for the farmers of Michoacan from the LXXIV legislature of the Congress of the State, the local Deputy by Morena, Jesus Francisco Cedillo, pledged after holding a meeting with the head of the Secretariat of Rural development and agri-food, Rubén Medina boy.
In a meeting with the Secretary of agri-food and Rural development in Michoacan, the local legislator remarked that, without partisan distinctions, it will collaborate to promote the development of the agricultural sector to the length and breadth of the entity.
«Is vitally important that we coordinate efforts to cope with the needs faced by the agricultural sector in Michoacan, leaving aside any partisan differences,» stressed Deputy championed by brunette at the Congress of Michoacán.
As Chairman of the Committee of Rural development in the State Congress, Francisco Cedillo stressed the need to work on the development and strengthening of the agricultural sector, after highlighting that the greatest economic potential of Michoacán is concentrated in this.
In this sense, he pointed out that it will keep a permanent approach with sector representatives in Michoacan, intending to find out what their main problems and concerns to meet from the LXXIV legislature of the Congress of the State.
«We will continue in tune with the sectors representing Michoacan field, because we understand the importance of clothe them and provide them with guidance in the important work they do for our State,» concluded the lawmaker.

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