translated from Spanish: They arrests in two exdirectores of pharmaceutical radio by opiates in the United States

New York-in United States inculparon to two former directors of a pharmaceutical to take as valid prescriptions of opioids despite having knowledge of your fraudulenciaSe is the first time that executives or former pharmaceutical are demanded criminal sanctions in the midst of the crisis facing the United States with tens of millions of overdose in game. The executives were sued in a case involving opiates, a powerful analgesic with high risk for addiction. The former employer of the two accused, the leading firm Rochester Drug Cooperative (RDC), made a friendly agreement with the federal prosecutor in Manhattan, Geoffrey Berman, and agreed to pay a fine of 20 million dollars.

«Press conf @ SDNY announcing criminal charges against DRC.» … «one employee compared some of their customer’s requests for extremely large orders of controlled substances as sticks of dynamite waiting for the DEA to light the fuse.» said Ray Donovan head of @DEANewYorkDiv Hear more – DEANewYork (@DEANEWYORKDiv)
April 23, 2019

DRC acknowledged having «failed to identify and report suspicious prescription drugs by pharmacies’ from 2012 to 2017, said in a statement transmitted to AFP by the group. In Exchange for the recognition of certain facts, the payment of the fine and a commitment to reform their practices, the company obtained a suspension of criminal proceedings and retained its permission. DRC is one of the ten greatest actors of the sector in the United States, with about 1 thousand 300 pharmacies, and an annual turnover estimated at more than one billion dollars, according to documents published on Tuesday by the services of the Attorney Berman.segun research the Group did not report at least 2 thousand prescription drugs suspect, whose distribution is controlled by the U.S. Agency of drug enforcement (DEA).

The management team of DRC, «including its former President, have instilled a culture of non-compliance to the inside of the company and gave priority to the argument of the recipes, to the satisfaction of the clients, above all, make money,» according to the documents published on Tuesday. «Under the leadership of (Laurence) Doud (President 1991-2017), DRC delivered tens of millions of (pills) of oxycodone, fentanyl and other opioids (potentially) dangerous» at pharmacies, whose employees of DRC knew or had reported to his employer, «to they distributed them to individuals who did not need medication», says the indictment. Doud was arrested Tuesday on criminal association to distribute narcotics and escape the control of the authorities. The fulfillment of DRC, William Pietruszewski, exresponsable pleaded guilty to the same two charges of the indictment, as well as breaching their duty to inform the authorities.

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