translated from Spanish: Accused of making illegal recruitment

The city of Culiacan is in the eye of the hurricane by a contract illegal machinery and patching equipment, municipal leader of the National Action Party (PAN), Adolfo Beltran, accused this awarded directly illicit procurement. With the document in hand, the panista said that contract has irregularities in its content, because the costs are inflated by 25 percent and the monthly payment of the contract does not match the amount that must be paid annually. If you want to learn more about the subject, call the fon (667) 713 01 31, pa that will report. > haunted Street
In Ahome are seeing how to upload a video about a haunted Street that exist in Los Mochis to the internet: the Guillermo Prieto, between Rosendo G. Castro Boulevard and avenida Álvaro Obregón, pa see if this attracts the Ghostbusters Carlos Trejo and see what happens there to see if there are beings from another world that prevent the street opens. Maybe that is announced to be inaugurated, this not is concrete never. If you can, take the fonazo to the municipal public works, Carlos Julio de Jesus Fierro Serrano chaca, on (668) 816 50 06, pa see if you know how to upload video or when it is going to make the machaca. > earn money extra
The direction of Municipal transit in Guasave looks for guys, men and women who want to earn an extra lanita working two hours a day, at best a mornings, just when the kids go to school, and at the time output , this pa that speed up the traffic in the school zones. It seems that transits conspicuous by their absence in these times, and the chaos is sometimes unbearable. If you are interested in the chamba, take the call to the chaca for the Corporation, Manuel Blanco, (687) 872 18 18. Engagements are urgent, because you need personal pa’l return from vacation. > help!
Ladies and gentlemen, if anyone is good pa’ count, sign up to help the mere number of wool in the municipality of Mocorito, Jaime Angulo, because since the beginning of the month the councilor of the PAS, Dalila Félix Rodríguez, made the request that he made a detailed report of costs and revenue that were conducted for the Organization of the Carnival, and is time that non-delivery it is, but it turns out that the deadline is today, which urges help pa’ tell all the cacharpas. If you want to help, call the fon (673) 735 02 75. > tea for nerves
Where not already endure the nerves is in the city of Mazatlan, where the workers of Social communication, the administration of the Ministry of public security, are already close its output to changes of headlines that have recently occurred. If you have a surplus of Linden tea, it would be nice to do them is reaching the municipal workers. We leave town hall phone if you want them to give some packets (669) 915 80 00. 

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