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«Veracruz-El President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said there is instruction that contracts are not delivered to companies, domestic or foreign, who are engaged in corruption, as in the case of Odebrecht.» «Remember how it was before?, that Odebrecht company came to have a session of its Board of Directors in Los Pinos, they went into the kitchen, that ended, then these corrupt companies will not have opportunities to participate in tenders», said.
The instruction is not surrender contracts to companies that are involved in corruption, foreign and domestic.

The President said that existing contracts with Odebrecht company, will be revised to not act arbitrarily.

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«We will review contracts with Odebrecht, we may not act in an arbitrary manner, it has to be in accordance with the law, I don’t try to cancel contracts to cancel», he said. Lopez Obrador referred to the contract of ethylene XXI, which operates in the South of Veracruz.» «It was a contract awarded by the Calderon Government, not under the best conditions, because to build the plant was the Government, to support, but not only that, agreed, in effect, deliver material raw material PEMEX plant, then we need to check», He said.

He rejected the existence of predatory contracts, and stressed that they will review existing ones.» «» This does not mean that all contracts will be cancelled if there is an established contract, even that has been done on where are the best conditions for the nation, but is a contract established by another Government has to respect «, he said.» «The commitments are met and we began to cancel contracts in an arbitrary manner whether to generate distrust in the country, and now investors have much confidence in Mexico because there is already a rule of law».

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