translated from Spanish: Vegan diets can cause mental disorders

City of Mexico.-a study of people with vegan diets and various carnivorous diets, found that lacking meat leads to health problems associated with the allergy, cancer and mental disorders.
The study was conducted at the University of Graz, in Austria. Here, the researchers gathered data from 1 thousand 320 people, of whom broke three groups of study: vegan diets, diets carnivorous high in fruits and vegetables, carnivorous diets low in meat consumption and carnivorous diets of high consumption of meat.
Results that found were not entirely conclusive, especially by the ambiguity having to determine whether the problems found in the subjects are directly associated with their eating habits.
First of all, stressed that people with carnivorous diets cannot be considered «healthier» than those who choose to avoid consumption of meat. However, we also found that vegetarians and vegans are more likely to develop cancer, allergies and mental disorders.
On the other hand, a diet without meat also has a lower incidence to suffer from high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes type problems 2 and gallstones, besides that it is directly related to subjects with a lower rate of body mass (IMC) and a minor consumption of alcohol as a recurring habits in its practitioners.
The researchers, although they assume that the incidence is demonstrative, not assert that everything is related to the food habit, however, along with other studies, has demonstrated that a diet vegan or vegetarian without supervision of a doctor or a nutritionist can have negative effects on health.
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