translated from Spanish: STEP in Santa Fe: the words of candidates and first impressions

This Sunday, April 28 are held primary elections in the province of Santa Fe and its leading candidates already cast their votes. Antonio Bonfatti, candidate for Governor by the progressive, civic and Social front, was the first of them: “You must make a change of cycle and worrying about what affects us more, is the lack of jobs,” told journalists that they were waiting outside the School N ° 1030 San Francisco of Assisi.

For his part, the Mayor of Santa Fe and also candidate for Governor by José Corral change highlighted before local media that “today is a step” and that, if well “there is no competition (within change), the President came twice, was Vice President and Ernesto Sanz”.

María Eugenia Bielsa, candidate for Juntos – space that has the only step – also exercised their right to vote and took the opportunity to send a message to the national peronism: “unity is something that we could not achieve, which made much effort to do so, but are going to” accompany all processes of unity without exclusion which has been nationally”.

Omar Perotti, who Bielsa competes for the nomination to Governor, also went to the polls and to the press, said: “we do not have a single list does not mean that the unit has been reached”.

The alternative Federal representative in these elections is Pablo Di Bert, who described this day as the “‘of the power of the people’ for what did them in and out that can serve them”.

The front left and the workers Octavio Crivaro arose. The only remaining vote is María Jimena Sosa, candidate for the new Izquierda.Primeras prints
Data that meet the first impressions in the opening of these step tables were presented from the Electoral political Observatory of the National University of Rosario (UNR). As published by OPE-UNR, the disadvantages that were recorded were as follows, although none of mesa authorities officially called gravedad:falta (meets with volunteers)
Delays in the opening of some schools
Bad quality safety belts
Difficult to cut tickets for failure to die
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