translated from Spanish: Emily Ratajkowski surprises with Thong thread style Kendall

Russia-Emily Ratajkowski is a professional when it comes to sharing selfies in Instagram. Since the launch of its own brand, Inamorata, please to anyone who needs a bath outfit really small, Emily was surprised with a tight thong thread. His last publication proves it, that says that it is «finally tanned thanks to @bondisands», Ratajkowski tiny black bikini barely covers their intimate part, in the style of Kendall Jenner.Junto with her sexy bikini, Ratajkowski selfie published several stories of Instagram, two of which he hinted that love it to be his own «sugar daddy». In the first meme shared, you could see Paris Hilton crying in the back of a car, while the second showed a video clip of Beyonce in Coachella.

«I think that we can all be in agreement that this is a highly relatable public service announcement» also wrote in the publicion.

Ratajkowski recently told Us Weekly that his muse’s style of summer for 2019 is Princess Diana. She told the publication: «I’m trying to get to 80 and I’ve been thinking in the street of Princess Diana and the moments of preparation, such as a blazer, a short shoe and a large sport shoe».

Original source in Spanish

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