translated from Spanish: Two detainees and an injured man after a protest at the Venezuelan Embassy in Argentina

Two people were arrested on Tuesday then that some I incidents occurred against the Embassy of Venezuela in the Argentina, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermo, where it had called affinity groups to the President in charge of that country, Juan Guaidó, who were attacked by demonstrators from left expressing its support to Nicolas Maduro.
Near the 19 police advanced and fired rubber bullets. The action of the security forces took place after a clash between groups Maduro supporters and opponents. As a result, a man was wounded, was shot in the ear and was several minutes on the ground.
«They supported me the shotgun in the ear and shot me. I do not understand anything», the man said.
According to sources from the city police, two people were arrested this afternoon following riots that began when groups of people attacked a security force officer and a protester Venezuelan.
Call for proposals to support guided was promoted through social networks, from the 15, and reunited, mostly Venezuelans living in the Argentina.
But shortly after the 16 arrived on the scene leftist groups, including the Territorial movement of liberation (MTL) and grouping «Dario Santillan», which expressed their support for Chavez’s mature Government, which resulted in unrest and allegations of theft at the place.
One of the conveners to support guided, Sergio Chepes, explained that they met «to support our family in Venezuela» and pointed out that, like that at these times in your country, are distinguished with a Blue Ribbon, «which is defined as a symbol of struggle and freedom».
«We call to channel the need for support to the Venezuelan people,» added, in dialogue with channel 26, and said that they found «strange groups causing disturbances and theft».
The Embassy of Venezuela, located on the avenida Luis Maria Campos, was the point of several hundred people, between Venezuelan and Argentine, who shout slogans for and against Maduro, as a result of the rebellion of a group of military that today claimed his resignation in Caracas, aligned with the opposition Acting President, Juan Guaidó.
As happened in other countries, organizations of Venezuelan residents in the Argentina called his compatriots to gather against the diplomatic headquarters.
«Freedom of Venezuela is the demonstration of a brave people; We continue on foot to achieve the cessation of the infringement», says the wheel of the convening of the NGO of Venezuelans residents a world without a gag, signed by operation freedom, name given by the interim President appointed by the Venezuelan Parliament, guided, to the mobilization that seeks the cessation of the mature Government, in the midst of a strong political, economic and social crisis.
«Conquer the democracy and freedom costs. «None of these principles has been achieved in a static way, simply must be fought and the Venezuelans and Venezuelans know how to do it», he explained to the press Mireia Rodríguez, a resident who is identified with guided.
Another Venezuelan resident, Miguel Tenorio, insisted on the need to achieve a «free Venezuela» where people don’t die.
«Today is a decisive day, how it will be tomorrow. The narco’ regime’, the dictatorship is going to fall because the good ones are more», he said.
Y. in response to the accusations of the other group of protesters gathered in front of the Embassy, said: «we aren’t coup leaders, we are people that we want freedom. We are here without promoting violence. «We do not want violence, we want free elections, which stops the usurpation and a transitional Government».

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