translated from Spanish: Man killed in Culiacan Solo was on his way to work

Culiacan, Sinaloa.-On one side of the habitable zone of the Fraccionamiento Villas del Río was found the body of Rosalío, who according to the information given to know in the place, only directed to his work before being assassinated. Rosalío had his domicile in the Newfoundland sector. The remains were in the driver’s seat of a vehicle brand Toyota. The 50-year-old adult presented bullet holes in his body. The area
After 14:00 hours came a call to emergency numbers to request the rapid reaction of elements of the Municipal police to confirm the demise of a man who remained in a grey Corolla with the engine on. The uniformed, once they arrived, came nearer. Unfortunately, they found Rosalío’s body filled with blood and injured by gunshot wounds.

The car didn’t have any bullet holes. Photo: Luis Gerardo Magaña/El Debate

Later they cordoned off the area and took care of the chain of custody so that no curious crossed. No one dared to give more information than what happened.
Personnel from the investigation area of the malicious homicide department approached to initiate the inquiries. At an early hour
It was heard in the place that Rosalío came out shortly before the 08:00 hours of his house with the intention of moving to his place of work in a car gray color mark Toyota Corolla. Allegedly shortly after he was being searched by a messaging program Instant, but no longer answered the notices of their loved ones.
The researchers of the Eagles group questioned those who said to know him. His answers were confidential and they were settled in a research folder. It is worth mentioning that the area where the adult was left looks surrounded by weeds and one that another house, behind the sector. Moments later the prosecutor’s staff appeared with their white suits, as well as their tools to perform the corresponding proceedings.
They located and collected at least four cascajos of short weapons pulled to the side of the driver’s door. Forensic specialists traced some measures, and in the end they checked the corpse in detail.
They also took some fingerprints to integrate them into a research folder

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