translated from Spanish: March in several dissatisfied states with AMLO

In various cities in the country, including Queretaro, Monterrey, Morelia, Hermosillo, León, Guadalajara, Mérida and Puebla, citizens demonstrated against the policies implemented by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.
In Queretaro, hundreds of citizens joined the silent march against Lopez Obrador’s policies, five months after they began their management.
With placards in hand, the protesters rejected what they called federal government consultations to decide on issues of national transcendence.
“We’re not fifís, we’re Mexicans!”, “So don’t AMLO!”, and “out of socialism!”, are some of the phrases that were seen in the banners, some of which were placed in windows and doors of houses of the local historical center.
The march against the actions of López Obrador’s government was replicated in several cities of the country, including Mexico City, where 15000 people showed up, according to the secretariat of local security.
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In Morelia, Michoacán, a contingent of people walked towards the center. The mobilization was led by Pan-political Salvador López Orduña. The citizens shouted slogans against the current president of the country.
In Hermosillo, Sonora, a hundred people made a peaceful demonstration. After walking from Zaragoza Square to the Municipal market, in the city centre, participants sang the national anthem and distributed flyers with information about the collective.
In Plaza Universidad, located in the historic center of Guadalajara, this day gathered members of the association Xiudadanos MX and citizens in general, to express their disagreement against the decisions taken by the federal government as the airport, The Mayan train, etc.
During the demonstration we could see various black parasols with legends painted in white and placards with slogans such as “AMLO resignation”, “No re-election”, “Justice without Law: corruption”, “Peje… The populists are falling, you change or we change you. ”
In León, Guanajuato, the former president of Mexico, Vicente Fox Quesada, led a march against the policies of the current chief of the federal executive.
Dressed mostly in white, in Monterrey, Monterrey groups demonstrated against the administration of President Lopez Obrador on the Esplanade of the heroes of the city.
In Mérida, Yucatán, some 400 people gathered in the main square of this city and marched to the monument to La Patria, located on Paseo de Montejo, to join the national protest.
The great majority of the participants wore white and carried placards with slogans against the President; He was responsible for the violence and insecurity in the country.
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