translated from Spanish: Pompeo to Venezuelans: «The moment of transition is now»

The head of U.S. diplomacy, Mike Pompeo, Hiz Or this Saturday (04.05.2019) a direct call to Venezuelan citizens to confront the President Nicholas Maduro, declaring that «the moment of transition is now.»
«My message to the Venezuelan people is clear: the United States remains firmly with you in its struggle for freedom and democracy,» Pompeo wrote in his Twitter account.
The US secretary of state spoke on the same day that the leader of the Venezuelan National Assembly and recognized as interim president by more than 50 countries, Juan Guaidó, called again the armed forces to abandon Maduro.
«The moment of transition is now»
«Last month, I visited Cúcuta, Colombia, and saw firsthand the misery that has created ripe with the help of the Russians and Cubans,» says Pompeo in a videomessage that accompanies the tweet, referring to the Venezuelan exodus that has caused the crisis in Venezuela and has seen in C Olombia your main destination.
«The moment of transition is now,» he continues, «No more hunger, no more children without medicine, no more repression.»
He also called on «all members of the international community» to support Venezuelans in the same way.
«You can restore an inclusive and constitutional government. You can create the future, in fact, a bright future, for yourselves, for your children and for Venezuela. And while they do, the United States will accompany them at every step, «he concluded.

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