translated from Spanish: The Electoral Institute of Michoacán makes new appointments

Morelia, Michoacán.-In extraordinary session, this Monday the members of the General Council of the Electoral Institute of Michoacán (EMI), President Dr. Ramón Hernández Reyes, and the electoral advisors Lic. Irma Ramírez Cruz, Dr. Humberto Urquiza Martínez, Dra. Yurisha Andrade Morales, Mtra. Araceli Gutiérrez Cortés, Lic. Luis Ignacio Peña Godínez and Lic. Viridiana Villaseñor Aguirre, approved the draft Agreement which determines the ratification, removal and appointment of the holders of the Executive Secretariat, executive Directorates and Technical units of this electoral body, among other projects in agreement.
On the new appointments, President Ramón Hernández Reyes commented: “A dialogue has been made with my colleagues and companions in order to reach the best profiles; The issue of parity was taken care of because of 17 posts to be occupied 11 will be women and men. ”
He said that the renovation must be carried out because the law requires rethinking the integration of the operating organs of this Institute, and stressed that most appointments are people who already worked or work in the EMI.
In this regard, counselor Yurisha Andrade Morales referred the importance of promoting the different profiles that are in the Institute, as well as seeking, supporting and giving opportunities to trained people who have the experience and who already works in the institute.
For his part, Counsellor Araceli Gutiérrez Cortés said that the procedure for the designation of executive directors and other officials was a special and thorough exercise to find the best profiles; In turn, he thanked those who finished this cycle, and also mentioned that the companions who are integrated are appointed until November 30, 2020.
“We are an organ in which the first tool you have is the word, the argument is the reason”, highlighted by his side the counselor Humberto Urquiza Martínez, and noted that the voices of the parties should also be heard.
During his participation, counselor Irma Ramírez Cruz mentioned that the selected people were subject to a selection process with interviews and the review of profiles. “We know the responsibility of the position we have and for the same reason, the decision to appoint certain profiles within the Executive Local Board carries an obligation, for that reason they are given to the people who make up this institute a vote of confidence”.
In this sense, the counselor Luis Ignacio Peña Godínez thanked the staff who culminated in a stage and welcomed the new members: “I wish you success in the parcel that will be demist, you expect a lot of you,” he said.
For his part, Counsellor Viridiana Villaseñor Aguirre stated that a number of requirements must be fulfilled to form a local political party that are established in the General Party Act and in the regulations of the National Electoral Institute.
This refers to the draft agreement on the request for registration as a local political party of the other Social encounter, which did not meet certain requirements.
The session also approved the draft agreement presented by the Electoral Organization Commission, which approves the disincorporation of the electoral package cases used in the Local ordinary Electoral process 2017-2018, for the purposes of its Destruction The report rendered by the Electoral Organization Directorate on the destruction of valid votes, null votes, surplus ballots and other electoral documentation used and left over from the Local Electoral process 2017-2018, as well as the draft Agreement of the General Council of the EMI, in relation to the requests to constitute the citizen Observatory of the town hall of Puruándiro, Michoacán, on proposal of the Commission of Citizen participation.

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