translated from Spanish: Counterclaim

The attorney general of the State, Juan José Ríos Estavillo, said yesterday that in the criminal complaint for threats brought by the ombudsman Angelina Valenzuela Benites against the mayor of Ahome, Guillermo “Billy” Chapman, is taking place without favoritism No pressure.
What’s more, he ruled that the research folder is unbiasedly vented.
Rios Estavillo was approached by reporters as part of their meeting with the city’s business leaders that took place a day after the ruling Judge Julia Palafox gave revoke the resolution of the non-exercise of criminal action issued by the Agen The Public Prosecutor’s office on Chapman’s behalf.
It is precisely the latter that does not add up to what was said by the state attorney general, as there were gross omissions in the Research folder.
That is why the agent of the Public Prosecutor’s Office was without credibility, so it would be healthy for another social agent to rectify the omissions and issue a new resolution.
It is difficult that with his position the attorney general of the state changed the perception that in the case there is favoritism in favor of Mayor Guillermo “Billy” Chapman who now filed a criminal complaint for falsehood against the Ombudsman procurator.

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