translated from Spanish: Group «Ecoterrorist» claimed attack on Louis de Grange

The group «ecoterrorist» Individualists tending to the wild, claimed the attack against the president of the Metro board, Louis de Grange, through a statement circulating on the internet, said Radio Cooperativa. In the message, the Agru It says that «we conspire in the shadows thoroughly to be able to choose who would be worthy of the explosive. Disgust and rage flooded our being, the construction and inauguration of the new metro line three deserved vengeance. And so it was, as with the «miner», this time our goal we focus on the president of Metro de Santiago, LOUIS DE GRANGUE (sic) CONCHA. The civil engineer whose name and existence represents one of the largest transport companies in this country. » Metro de Santiago is the company that says to give solutions and progress to the «big city», with its future projects and the already realized only manage to gnaw and destroy even more the Earth, opening it and Desgarrándola in more and more kilometers, damaging the ground terribly. In the name of human progress they transport and carry from one side to the other The bastards sheep and monotonous civilized «says the statement of the grouping. In his message, the group said that «like we did with Óscar Landerretche, once we chose our prey, we prowl his house, we check his safety and we walk through the residential neighborhoods that claim to be the safest in the city, we the most Wanted, in front of their noses we laughed once more. We saw the target in his eyes, he looked at us, but he didn’t see us, he didn’t see our intentions. »

Original source in Spanish

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