translated from Spanish: PC, PRO and Regionalists sign manifesto and feel new political agreement bases

This Saturday was developed, in dependencies of the former Congress N The first programmatic political meeting between the Communist Party (PC), the Progressive Party (PRO) and the Regional Green Social Federation (FRVS), after which they made public their manifesto and laid the foundations for what they called “unity for the Change. ”
In this regard, the Deputy and President of the Communist Party, Jaime Teillier, said that “there is a great process of shaping, coordinating and strengthening political parties that aims to be projected also for upcoming electoral events and that Nowadays it comes to the passage of the policy of the right, of its government especially of those who rust rights and social conquests of the workers, of the citizenship “.
“We are political forces that we have an electoral representation of more than 10% with about 600,000 votes, we have 15 parliamentarians that we are going to start acting together. We want to be very incidents in fact we already have a great impact on the social, trade Union and Guild World: Also in the population and student world, “said the parliamentarian.
For its part, the deputy and president of the Regionalist Green Social Federation, Jaime Mulet, said that “we have lived in our own flesh as the central government does not yield to the requirements of the regions, regional governments see more the regional capital than the Communes and towns and municipalities see little the Rurality and the margins of the city. People each day relate to more distrust with power structures and the sense of abuse grows. ”
“And it is precisely from there, from where we are now generating the basis of a proposal for unity for change, which seems to me to be quite relevant, because we are different political parties, but we have the willingness to build a broad platform of opposition in Our country, we believe that we have even the duty to do so, and what we start today with the signing of our Final declaration is the joint effort to open it and make it available to all parties so that we can build that proposal that today demands the Citizenship, “he added.
Finally, the President of the Progressive Party, Camilo Lagos, stressed that one of the first tasks will be “re-politicizing every space in society. The great victory of the right and the Conservatives is the depoliticization of society, which in turn generates demobilization. And we know that when people demobilize, the powerful become rich. Therefore, we must mobilize and organize our people again. ”
“Unity is a commitment to walk together. Unity is the search for what unites us, not denying or hiding our differences under the rug, but if we understand that above all, what we must relieve, are our common convictions. Humility for unity, Unity for victory, victory for social change. ”

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