translated from Spanish: Segob starts forums #DemosCharlas taught by Lorenzo Meyer

MEXICO City.-To solve problems of public interest in the country, public servants, academics, students and citizens in general share their knowledge, experiences and proposals in spaces of dialogue called #DemosCharlas. Said Meetings will start this Monday (May 13) with the Forum «national identity: who we are, where we are going», taught by Lorenzo Meyer. These public spaces for reflection and exchange of ideas are focused on consolidating democracy in the country and achieving a Real rule of law, as well as increasing citizen participation. The forum to be held this Monday will contribute to the formulation of public policies to strengthen national identity and inclusion within the current Mexican context. The foregoing, whenever faced with the major problems facing the Mexican state, it is necessary to carry out actions that redefine the meaning of politics, and in this sense, redirect it to not assimilate it as something remote, useless, corrupt or merely Electoral.

The Forum «national identity: who we are, where we are going», will be taught by Lorenzo Meyer. | Special

Faced with a reality where the new generations are democratically more sensitive, but politically less participatory, it is necessary to move towards the construction of a participatory democracy.
The above, with a view to strengthening the co-responsibility between society and Government, and thus promoting the transformation of public life in the country. 

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