translated from Spanish: Enrique Guzmán reveals song with Juan Gabriel

Enrique Guzmán presented Spanish-speaking, his most recent album that includes duets with Juan Gabriel, Emmanuel, Alejandra Guzmán, Edith Márquez, Kalimba and other. The producer in charge was Gustavo Farías. At the press conference, the Guzmán revealed that he did not know about the songs that the Divo de Juárez had left engraved for him. Gustavo was the only one who knew about this musical gift. » It was a surprise that was preparing Juan Gabriel Enrique, when Juan Gabriel gets sick in Las Vegas and is thus in a coma, time after recovering his voice and sing again and told me, Gustavo I want to make a record to Enrique Guzmán.  «What he did was get off the Internet karaoke tracks Enrique’s songs and recorded in Cancun, one of those many issues that recorded, chose Enrique for the album, but in reality there is a disc that Juan Gabriel wanted to give of songs of Enrique» Said the producer.

Among the songs that compose the musical repertoire are the classics: «The Plague», «the Rock of the prison», «Lucila», among many more.

The singer will make a tour of the interior of the Republic and visit places like Monterrey on September 26, Mexico City on October 10 and Guadalajara on November 22. 

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