translated from Spanish: Lucia Mendez claims to have been Luis Miguel’s great love

Luis Miguel had a long love record with beautiful women; Mexican singer Lucía Méndez assured that she was the true love of “El Sol de México”. It should be mentioned that before the premiere of the second season of “Luis Miguel, the series”, through the Netflix platform, the singer has again grabbed the media attention. Lucía Méndez had a brief but intense romance with Luis Miguel, but it would be the difference in ages that influenced her separation. Back then the singer was 40 years old and he was 28.
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In a meeting with several media outlets, Lucía Méndez stated that although Luis Miguel has been characterized by being the one who ends his love affairs, in his case the opposite happened. Read more: Alex Quintero’s brother about his murder: “We don’t know where the coup came from”
I was absolutely right, I was the love of his life, I said goodbye to him, we took over 10 years, then I went out with Pedro Torres. From a handsome one, I went to an ugly one, I left it for him. Pedro wasn’t handsome, now he is.

Lucia Mendez not only left Luis Miguel hurt for having ended his romance, but also gave a strong blow to his ego, having been the one who left him. The singer originally from León, Guanajuato, recounted that 10 years after finishing her love affair with “El Sol”, she quoted her in X place to claim him. Read more: This has been humberto Zurita’s life without Christian Bach: “Why did he have to die?” The interpreter, who is 66 years old today, pointed out to have felt very bad in the face of Luis Miguel’s claims, “put me as a sweet potato, the reproaches were strong, she told me that I was bad, but it was not violent, she was just very angry, she vented, I told her to take it out and we agreed to get on with our lives.” Lucía Méndez made it very clear that in addition to having been the true love of Luis Miguel, she had a Luis Miguel in her best years, “there was a lot of passion too, she is a very good lover”.

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