translated from Spanish: The death of Game of Thrones that fans refuse to accept

The penultimate episode of Game of Thrones left many fanatics disappointed and dissatisfied, partly because of its narrative inconsistency and partly because it offered an undignified end to Cersei, one of the best characters that has given us the series and one of the M Enos we saw during this last season. The absence of Cersei and its passivity during the last episode were notorious. The queen who had destroyed any link, connection or alliance was shown in utter denial while Daenerys destroyed the king’s Landing. It was that delay in accepting defeat that cost him his life. But many fanatics consider that without body there is no confirmation and without confirmation there is hope. The actress Lena Headey confessed during an interview that initially was disappointed by the little that had to see the death of Cersei with how he lived: «I wanted him to have a big scene or a fight with someone!,» he told Entertainment Weekly. I need proof of Cersei’s death, «wrote a Twitter user. «I will not accept his death without proof. Because if Arya could survive stones and smoke and fire and get caught, Cersei could survive some stones. »

I need current proof Cersei is dead. Not accepting this ‘ death report ‘ without proof. Cuz if Arya could survive rocks and smoke and fire and being trampled Cersei could damn well survive a few pebbles. #GameOfThrones — Tyn Targaryen (@tyn_101)
May 13, 2019
It would not be the first time that the series hinted at the death of a character and then show that he had survived. Without going any further, during the Battle of Winterfell we saw Brienne and Jaime being overtaken by zombies and going out gracefully several times. Still there are not many reasons for that to be the case of Cersei, because while the development of his character during those final minutes was somewhat accelerated (like all), die in the arms of his brother under the weight of everything they had fought , bled and killed to get it makes sense. On the other hand, as we discussed yesterday when we talked about what Arya could do in the last episode, this ending ended up completing the prophecy of «Maggy the Frog» that had never been specified in the series, only that not the violent way in which the fans Esper Aban. As much as it hurts, everything seems to indicate that we have seen the last of Cersei. The big winner was Headey who, as a user noted on Twitter, «charged a million dollars per episode this season just to stand in front of a window drinking a glass of wine.» The actress was nominated four times to the Emmy and one to the Golden Globe for her performance and never took a prize. Let’s hope his little presence this season does not rob him of the right to a deserved prize.

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