translated from Spanish: It did not reach to the room: the coin withdraws name of Dobra Lusic and will not ascend to the Supreme Court

Minutes after the Senate session began to ratify and (l) name as a new member of the Supreme Court, the government chose to withdraw the name of the controversial former president of the Santiago Court of Appeals.
After 14:30 hours, the executive entered a trade in the office of parts of Congress, giving account of the withdrawal of the name, after a rain of questioning against the judge, marked by his links with the «judicial operator» John Campos and his Resolutions in favour of the Isapres, among other points. The Government thus avoided a defeat, since in order to obtain its election, Dobra Lusic needed to add 29 votes (of the 43 senators in exercise). However, the pre-session currency calculations were that two votes were missing to ensure the rise to the highest court in the country of the minister.
Key in determining the executive was the division in the Socialist Party where some members of the bank decided to subtract from surrendering their support. In this scenario, the panorama in the PS was with José Miguel Insulza, Rabindranath Quinteros, Alfonso de Urresti and Juan Pablo Letelier voting in favor, but Carlos Montes, Álvaro Elizalde and Isabel Allende were opting for abstention, which jeopardized the approval .
But on the right, the government failed to align its own. In UDI today its President Jacqueline Van Rysselberghe commented that the option of the minister «Personally I do not like», and passed the ball next to the opposition, «No (is the candidate of the UDI). The opposition has not agreed, they need seven votes from us. »
In RN, where they are 9 senators (adding to the former Evópoli Carmen Gloria Aravena) While they also gave freedom of action to their bank. In fact, today Francisco Chahuán declared himself in «state of Reflection», and the Evópoli Felipe Kast had already announced that it would reject the name.

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