translated from Spanish: Tradition, family and friendship: the crossing of surnames and relationships between those who donate to the nominations for the Constituent Convention

Against the belief that success in politics is closely linked to the amount of money available to each candidacy, on the payroll of contributions to applicants for the Constituent Convention that updates servel weekly, there are examples that the important thing is not always the amount of money, but the strategic gesture of contributing, which functions as proof of friendship , family affinity, politics or bets towards the future, in the face of the new Constitution.
For example, writer Patricio Fernández Chadwick is introduced by the 11th arrondissement. One of its constituents is María Teresa Undurraga Gazitúa, sister of the current deputy of Evopoli Francisco Undurraga, with whom he founded the successful emporio La Rosa cafeteria franchise, which he sold a few years ago in an undisclosed amount. Undurraga donated to the former director of The Clinic, $50, 000. Another contribution from a successful entrepreneur to Fernández Chadwick was that of Daniel Undurraga Deves, co-founder of the explosive Cornershop brand, who contributed the amount of $500 thousand to Fernandez’s candidacy. Something more generous was Daniel Valenzuela Dellafiori, who contributed the sum of $4 million for the writer’s political adventure related to the presidential family. Valenzuela is a lawyer linked to Argentine businessman Wenceslao Casares, who in Chile maintains an investment in the Las Majadas de Pirque event center.
Another of Patricio Fernández’s donors is the economist Eduardo Engel, with whom he shares a directory at the Centro de Estudios Espacio Público. Engel contributed $490, 000 to Fernandez. The same figure also provided for journalist Patricia Politzer, and for philosophy graduate José Andrés Murillo, who compete for the same district10. Engel also favored the agronomist with his contributions Juan José Soto, which is running for the 17th arrondissement.
These silvers are delivered for political and professional affinity. Cristián Bellei, PhD in Education at Harvard and candidate for constituent for the 7th arrondissement, was contributed by the Doctor of Education Sciences of the University of Bourgogne in France, Rodrigo Roco, former president of the Fech. Roco donated $200, 000 to Bellei’s candidacy.
Another sociologist and researcher in education is Gonzalo Muñoz Stuardo, former head of the General Education Division of the Ministry of industry during Bachelet’s second government. Muñoz donated $50,000 to the candidacy of his friend Cristián Bellei, former advisor to Mariana Aylwin at Mineduc. The daughter of former President Patricio Aylwin is also a candidate for the Constituent Convention, for the 11th arrondissement. She has among her donors Pablo Piñera, the brother – close to the DC – of the President of the Republic. “Polo,” as they know him in his family and friends, contributed $1 million to the candidacy of the former Minister of Education. Mariana Aylwin also received contributions from two former ministers of the former Concertación. José Pablo Arellano contributed $570,000 while Pedro García Aspillaga contributed $200,000
Looking for more professional affinity as a reason to donate, there is the case of María Virginia Garretón, a biologist, who works in the undersecretariat of Sciences and donated $100 thousand to the candidacy of her fellow biologist Cristina Dorador. This daughter of businessman Oscar Guillermo Garretón also made a donation, for the same amount, to journalist Lucía López, candidate for the 10th arrondissement. Another contribution for Lopez came from journalist Mirna Schindler, who donated $30,000. She also donated $150,000 to the candidacy of Lucía López, former minister Marcelo Mena.
Professional affinity in many cases coincides with political sympathy. For example, attorney Gabriel Osorio Vargas donated $80,000 to Catalina Lagos Tschorne’s candidacy. Gabriel Osorio is one of the most required advisors in Congress. He is a member of the PS, and in the government he is recognized for having given them some headaches such as challenging the appointment of Pablo (Polo) Piñera as ambassador to Buenos Aires, or the presentation against the purchase of land in La Araucanía by former Undersecretary Rodrigo Ubilla. Osorio worked at the Segpres during Bachelet’s rule and is now on the team of advisors close to Paula Narváez.
Catalina Lagos Tschorne is a candidate for the 10th arrondissement, and, among others, also received two contributions from her parents. Her mother, Sonia Tschorne, former Minister of Housing in lagos government and current deputy director of Waters Andinas, donated him $1 million 800 thousand. While his dad, Pablo Lagos Puccio, contributed him $1 million, 200,000. Pablo Lagos was fiscal lawyer of the Corfo, and it was he who drafted the minutes with the steps to follow to end the contract between the State and SQM by the salar of Atacama, while his cousin the former minister and former ambassador Osvaldo Puccio was director of one of the cascading societies.
Waker and Coloma: families
The crossing of family relationships and contributions can be clearly seen in candidacies and people close to Christian Democracy. Another example is contributions to Elisa Walker Echenique, lawyer, daughter of former senator and chancellor Ignacio Walker Prieto and singer Cecilia Echenique. The lawyer, a candidate for the 11th arrondissement, received a $1 million contribution from Francisca Juneman Pérez, niece of former minister Edmundo Pérez Yoma, daughter of Ximena Pérez Yoma and Osvaldo Junemann, one of the farmers who is in conflict with communities in the Petorca area over water.
Francisca Junemann Pérez is a lawyer with a master’s degree in Family Law. Her cousin Elisa Pérez Vergara she was married to Clemente Perez Errázuriz, a lawyer, former Metro president and famous for her phrase “cabros this didn’t ignite” when schoolchildren evaded the passage of the underground train, days before the social outburst. Pérez Errázuriz, a former D.C., is a candidate for the 11th arrondissement and appears with a 20,000-peso self-contribution and some other contributions such as that of Robert Ivanchitz, a lawyer in charge of Microsoft’s legal affairs, who donated $500, and the contribution of entrepreneur Jorge Orellana Lavanderos, with a construction company named after him, for $1 million; among others.
Elisa Walker Echenique also received a contribution from Pablo Piñera for $100,000, the same figure donated to her by sociologist Eugenio Tironi. At the same time, former Minister Jorge Burgos Varela contributed him $350,000. Burgos also donated to the candidacy of the constitutionalist lawyer DC Patricio Zapata, who goes through the 10th arrondissement. First on February 10 $306, then another contribution for $500,000, on February 15.
By the way, the crossing of families also does not come down to Christian Democracy. There are also them in the UDI, where Jaime Coloma Alamos is presented by the 14th arrondissement.
The son of Senator Juan Antonio Coloma (and brother of the deputy of the same name) and the journalist Cecilia Alamos, received a contribution from the former manager of JP Morgan in Chile Alfonso Eyzaguirre Lira for $574 thousand. But the largest so far is that of businessman Horacio Pavez, director of the Security Group, who contributed him $5 million.
Cortázar the candidate of the directories
Pavez, former partner of Eduardo Frei Ruiz Tagle at Sigdo Koppers, where he still remains an important shareholder and director. The director of the Security Group also donated to the campaign of René Cortázar, the former MINISTER DC, the sum of $5,000,000. Horacio Pavéz also gave a $4,000,000 contribution to former Energy Minister and former UDI Deputy Rodrigo Alvarez Zenteno, who competes for the 28th arrondissement. 
Cortázar, who came to Bachelet’s first government to “save” the implementation of the Transantiago, is synonymous with trust for the business world. This way you can understand that your candidacy for District 8 is the one that concentrates the most contributions, in total, with $36 million, so far.
Among the donors to Cortázar is Pablo Echeverría, partner of Moneda Asset Managment, one of the investment banks that manages President Piñera’s trust. Echeverría donated $9,043,290 to Cortázar and also handed over resources to Bernardo Fontaine Talavera, to whom he donated $5,835,628. The economist and chief business manager is running for the 11th arrondissement.
An interesting fact is that Cortázar is also director of Asset Managment Currency, as are two of its donors. Pablo Turner González, a retail executive (with a step as manager in Paris and also at Falabella), currently at AD Retail, which controls ABC DIN, contributed $3 million to Cortázar. Fernando Tisné Maritano, also in the same directory, donated to the DC the sum of $2 million 500 thousand.
Among those who have contributed to Cortázar’s campaign are also brothers Mario and Francisca Signorio Larzábal, linked to the ICB food factory with $5 and $3 million each. Cortázar is also director of ICB. Pablo Piñera Echeñique also donated a million pesos to Cortázar, who among his previous works was as chairman of the channel 13 board. Among Cortázar’s constituents are entrepreneurs linked to the hard economic right, such as José Antonio Guzmán Matta, construction entrepreneur, who contributed $1 million,500,000, or Wolf Von Appen, Overseas shipping entrepreneur, who gave him $1 million. Von Appen contributed the same figure to former Minister Marcela Cubillos.
Another donorRené Cortázar is Luis Alfredo Schmidt Montes, who contributed him $500,000, linked to the Chilean Chamber of Construction, farmer and father of the Minister of the Environment, Carolina Schmidt.
Cortázar has also been donated By José Luis Del Rio Goudie, with $500,000. Del Río, linked to Falabella and other large companies, such as Derco, is an atypical entrepreneur, because – through a cooperative – he gave 20% of the Friosur fishing to his workers. Through the public contribution system he also donated $500,000 to DC attorney Jorge Correa Sutil (district 6), elisa Walker $570,000 and Patricio Zapata $4 million.
Eyzaguirre and Hube: the favorites
Another of the entrepreneurs who appears with very specific contributions is Cristoph Schiess, from Empreses Transoceánica, with a presence in the hotel sector and in several other companies. Schiess donated $3 million to Guillermo Larraín, former superintendent of securities and AFP and DC militant, who is running for the 12th arrondissement. Schiess also transferred a contribution to former minister Antonio Walker (Elisa Walker’s uncle) competing in the 17th arrondissement, and to whom he handed over $1 million.
Christoph Schiess also gave donations to two of the candidates most required for the contributions. Constance Hube, in the 11th arrondissement, and Sylvia Eyzaguirre for the 10th arrondissement. Each received $3 million.
Sylvia Eyzaguirre PhD, CEP researcher and education specialist, and is one of the favorites by donors. The president of the Stock Exchange, Juan Andrés Camus, contributed him $2 million. The same figure provided to her by Patricia Matte Larraín, partner of the Matte Group and mother of Bernardo Larraín Matte, and Falabella’s president, Carlo Solari. While Wolf Von Appen, Eliodoro Matte Larraín and former Sebastián Piñera partner Ignacio Guerrero contributed him $1 million each.
Constanza Hube, for her part, has the confidence of donors as the UDI’s constitutional law specialist. This way you can understand the contributions you have received generously. Francisco Ugarte Larraín, attorney at Carey Studio and director of SQM, gave him $2 million, 500,000. Patricia Matte Larraín another $2 million. Former minister Rodrigo Pérez Mackenna donated $1 million to him, in addition to attorney Gabriel Zaliasnik, who in two contributions added $1 million to Hube.
Zaliasnik also contributed to a candidate belonging to the Jewish community, filmmaker Shai Agosin, who competes for the 12th arrondissement, and to whom in various contributions he donated a total of $2 million 200 thousand.
Contributions also include Carlo Solari Donaggio, president of Falabella, former Senator Felipe Harboe, who competes for the 19th arrondissement, and received $2 million.
From Subtle John to Julio Isamit
Another of the most generous donors is Lucy Ana Avilés Hernández, married to Benjamin Walton, one of the heirs to the transnational Walmart. He donated different sums to Marcela Cubillos, Bernardo Fontaine, Henry Boys, Thomas Recart, Francisco Orrego, Cristóbal Orrego of the Republican Party; former Confepa leader Erika Muñoz and Juan Luis Ossa Santa Cruz, who has also received contributions from his family, starting with his mother, Lucía Santa Santa Cruz, who donated $7 million to her; Patricia Matte Larraín contributed her $2 million. And Adela Ibáñez, of the founding family of Adolfo Ibáñez University, another $2 million 500 thousand.  While BancoEstado director Roberto Palumbo Ossa contributed him $2 million more. Juan Luis Ossa, brother of The Minister of the Segpres Juan José Ossa, is the second candidate with the most contributions, with a total of $23,250,000
CPC President Juan Sutil has also handed out donations. She agrees with Lucy Ana Avilés in delivering her highest contribution to former childhood undersecretary Carol Bown, who competes for the 15th arrondissement. Subtle contributed $2 million 500 thousand. But he also handed resources to Bernardo Fontaine, journalist Bernardo de La Maza and Tomás Guevara Aguero, son of Metropolitan Mayor Felipe Guevara, who competes for the 8th arrondissement.  Tomás Guevara has also received resources from who is probably the most generous donor since the Government, National Property Minister Julio Isamit.
Isamit, according to Servel records, made his most substantial donation to Gonzalo Blumel, with $250,000. Then hand out contributions for $100,000 to different candidates. Among them Constanza Hube, Marcela Cubillos, and Jaime Coloma. Cubillos is a special case. Not only because he made an insistent campaign against a new Constitution and today he is applying to write it, but because on the payroll of public contributions, he appears receiving donations, but also asking for a bank credit of $82 million
Other contributions showing interesting crosses are those of Tim Purcell, former financier of Andrés Velasco, who donated $1 million to Tomás Recart. Lawyer Jean Pierre Matus – brother of journalist Alejandra Matus – donated $574,000 to former minister Jorge Insunza. 
Sociologist and columnist Ernesto Ottone donated $400,000 to the Agustín Squella National Humanities Prize (district 7).
In the sphere of high donations is also the one given by Magdalena Larraín Matte to his brother Hernán Larraín, former president of Evópolis, who competes for the 11th arrondissement, and received $4,043,000 from it. The son of the Minister of Justice also received two donations totaling $4 million from María Monica Cubillos Sallato, aunt of Marcela Cubillos. Another $2 million came from Juan Andrés Camus, while $1 million was contributed by former CMPC President Eliodoro Matte Larraín. The order of the last names does not alter the product.
The list of contributions with advertising and own contributions is updated by the Servel every Friday. The most recent payroll, which includes nominations for constituent councillors, mayors, governors and convecionals, can be reviewed at this link 

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