translated from Spanish: Rebel actress accused of pooping in the pool

The actress Flor de Onracho, famous for her performance of «Romina», in the youthful telenovela Rebelde, lashed in social networks against the administrator of a place that rents in Acapulco for vacation. It turns out that the famous was accused of pooping in the pool of the exclusive area and is that first was said to be their children, but then claimed that it was an adult so they accused her lunging against them. » They tell me that there is poop and I say ‘ yes but the poop because my kids were not and then I say no, that is poop is adult and the only thing that got was you, so I did poop in the pool do me the favor first they threw the She blames my daughter, but as I found out she had a diaper that I was… «he said annoyingly.
After the statements, he shared some evidence against the people who defamed her, because she was very annoyed, even lashed against the staff in charge of cleaning the pool as it was also part of the alleged accusations.

On the other hand, users defended Flor and commented that the person in charge was not stopped, because the actress said that she has also been threatened.
«I don’t think it was her….. It’s very often there. As it is going to burn by laziness not to go to the bathroom «.» What they want is to get money from the @flordesaracho. » 

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