Natalia Denegri won 4 Emmys for her work as a TV producer

Natalia Denegri lived an exciting night at the last installment of the Suncoast Emmy Awards, on December 10 in the city of Orlando, Florida, when she received 4 new statuettes for her work as a television and documentary producer. After two years of virtual deliveries due to the coronavirus pandemic, this year the gala was held in person at the Hyatt Regency in Orlando. The first prize received was one of the most special and undoubtedly one of the most anticipated for the Argentine, since it was as “Best Children/Youth Program for children under 12 years” for “El Mundo de Nicole”, the segment of her program Corazones Guerreros starring her 8-year-old daughter, Nicole Rodríguez. which airs week after week throughout the United States and eight Latin American countries on the Mega TV screen, introduces young Hispanic viewers to the world full of questions and curiosities of Nicole and her imaginary friend, the know-it-all robot Gu. After obtaining the coveted award, the producer said: “I went on stage holding back tears of emotion, because not only is it an award for us as producers, but it’s an award for Nicole, who was the one who had the idea for this segment and does it with so much love. It is a space specially created and produced to offer children positive and quality content, something we always aim for with Trinitus Productions and with my dear friend and producer, Nelson Bustamante”Another of the awards of the night was for the short documentary “Beyond my steps”, with the story of Franklin Mejias, one of the first children he interviewed in Corazones Guerreros, who after being affected by a bacterium lost his limbs and became one of the most inspiring young people in Latin America. The documentary received the award for “Best Photography” for its production company, Trinitus Productions.Also the third Emmy of the night was obtained for its work for “Best Short-documentary of Human Interest” for “Por Ella”, with the story of Mauro Boccia, a young man whose life took a 360-degree turn when his mother, the being he loved most, He died of cancer. The last award of the night was also very special for Denegri since it was for the documentary “Changing Lives”, in which she was not only one of the executive producers but also one of its protagonists. The documentary tells the story of 15 television presenters from different parts of Latin America who emigrated to the United States looking for a better future and thanks to their work was recognized by the Emmys, they managed to boost their careers in the media and achieve the famous “American dream”. The documentary received the award for “Best Documentary Director”. With these four new statuettes Denegri already has 26 Emmys for her work as a host and producer, becoming one of the few Latinas and the only Argentine with this amount of awards to her credit.

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