translated from Spanish: Mobile Gynaecological Clinic seeks to tackle breast cancer and save lives

Since it began operating in 2014, the La Florida Municipality Mobile Gynecological Clinic has completed 25,604 mammography exams. Of that figure, 143 critical results have been accounted for. Thus, more than a hundred women have been saved their lives through this roving unit, which delivers an early diagnosis and gives a possible diagnosis of breast cancer, and then refer people to effective treatments in the high-end health network yes.
«The great enemy of the Chilean woman is breast cancer, which attacks in silence. When he beckons, it can be too late. So the only way to combat this deadly enemy of women is to spot it in time,» Mayor Rodolfo Carter said.
From various sectors they seek to educate and raise awareness about the importance of detecting cancer in time. Therefore, the call of the authorities and specialists is to frequently have the mammogram examination to diagnose as soon as possible and, if there is an injury, give it adequate treatment and thereby decrease the mortality of women.
«All year this gynecological truck is participating in fairs, operations and municipal activities to help and guide women about the mammogram exam,» Carter says.
Focus on prevention
The work they do from this preventive health unit is vitally important in the early detection of cancer. «In this way, the prognosis of women with likely cancer diagnoses on their mammograms is much more favorable,» says Florida Municipal Corporation’s Head of Health, Alfredo Bravo.
To access exams, people must register with a neighboring board leader or, directly, with gynecological trucking professionals. In addition, the clinic staff registers according to the availability of hours.
And what do women think of this medical solution? «It gives me peace of mind, security and I know that on the corresponding dates, the results of the mammogram exam will be at Cesfam. I also know that, if there is anything negative after the exam, I will be told in time what steps I must take,» says Rosa Castañeda (65), which belongs to the 23-A Neighborhood Board, in Villa Renacimiento.
How to access the free mammogram of Florida?
Be enrolled in a Family Health Center in the commune of La Florida.
Belonging to Fonasa or not having a foresight.
Be over 35 years of age (if you are under this age, you must have an examination or interconsultation order by an area professional).
Not having a previous mammogram for less than one year.
Opening hours are Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 13:00 hours and from 14:00 to 20:00 hours. The initiative also operates on Saturday and Sunday at fairs or operations in the commune. This mobile unit also performs a pap smear to detect the likelihood of cervical cancer.

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