translated from Spanish: Piñera surprises with the new train Santiago-Tiltil but the Hutt minister restrains it: “When we have it ready, I tell them myself”

During this morning, President Sebastián Piñera made An activity in the currency, where it committed to reduce pollution in the State entities. Within this context, the President made another announcement that surprised the present: a new train that will join Santiago with Batuco and Tiltil.
This announcement came preceded by the confirmed announcement of the train Santiago-Melipilla, an announcement that he made in the midst of one of his most complex weeks. The project was very longed for by the neighbors of the area. Even in December 2018, the mayor of Santiago, Karla Rubilar, had already indicated that “we will put money from our Regional government to do the engineering for the extension of Batuco to til Til (…) It needs connectivity, it cannot remain isolated as it is, “he explained at the time.
But, since that announcement, nothing was completely ready and planned. He was only admitted to the environmental impact assessment system and was known to depart from Quilicura, to merge with Line 3 of the Santiago Metro.
Knowing that, Piñera came forward: “A few days ago with the mayor (de Santiago, Karla Rubilar) announced the train to go to Melipilla, that train will mobilize 90 million a year, that adds to the train that goes to us and Rancagua, and the future project that goes to Batuco and Tiltil” . He didn’t say anything else.
It seems that this announcement even surprised the Minister of Transport, Gloria Hutt, who, consulted by Radio Biobio, said that the reports are not yet received and that they will soon refer to the initiative. “When we have it ready, I tell you myself,” said.
It is not the first time that Piñera makes an announcement surprising the authorities that see the matter. In the midst of the inauguration of Line 3, the President noted that they were already planning line 10, which changed the face of the president of the Metro, Louis de Grange.

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