translated from Spanish: 8 people detained by massive bank-card cloning

Police officers detained eight people involved in the massive cloning of bank cards in Santiago on Sunday, reported Saturday by dozens of victims. According to information from BioBiochile, the detention was carried out in the sector of the Plaza Brasil, in the center of the capital, in hours of this morning. However, since the uniformed police explained that of the arrested, only five of them will be formalized for this crime, because in their possession were found species in their possession that linked them with the illicit. In this way, the other three people were released, but since the 12th police station in San Miguel did not rule out any further arrests in the future, as the investigation progresses. Yesterday the Superintendency of banks and financial institutions of Chile (SBIF) reported that about 1,738 were the bank cards affected by this fraud, detailing that the possible commitment point was a POS located in a service station in Gran Avenida, San Miguel commune. However, from Carabineros they said that the crime of cloning would not only have been committed in the aforementioned Servicentro, but in other parts of the capital.

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