translated from Spanish: CNTV beats Government and refuses to issue “protected middle class” campaign spots

Its launch is scheduled for next Wednesday and ESP was to be one of the flagship initiatives of the Piñera administration. However, the protected middle class network faces a problem: The free broadcast on TV channels of the spot that seeks to report on the project.
This is because, according to the third, the National Television Council (CNTV) rejected the request to issue government publicity, considering that it had “political” aspects and it was not a “public utility” campaign.
The executive requested the broadcast for free, in high-time and with a frequency of three times a day of a TV commercial to raise awareness of the new website, between May 22-same day that will be presented Bill-and June 2.
Faced with the refusal of the CNTV, from the currency have been elaborating a new proposal, making changes from the observations made by the Agency, in order to re-submit the application to the entity and that the spots related to the project led By the portfolio of Social development and family are finally issued.
“What was agreed was to request that adjustments be made to comply more precisely with the demands of a public interest campaign. This is how the campaign was withdrawn, “the CNTV president, former minister Catalina Parot, said to the morning on the subject, adding that” this is not something new, it happens very commonly in these campaigns. ”

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