translated from Spanish: Transit agent killed at rest and truck driver in Zamora, Michoacán

Zamora, Michoacán.-During the afternoon-night of this Sunday, armed subjects killed a Municipal transit agent who was resting while crewed a motorcycle, and the driver of a truck. The Regional prosecutor’s office is investigating the double crime.
The events were recorded minutes before 20:00 hours, on Avenida Martínez de Navarrete between the roads Morelia and Apatzingán, Colonia Jardinadas, near the Mercado Hidalgo, a site that in recent months has been the scene of multiple crimes.
It went down that the gunmen gave reach to the Municipal Transit agent Santiago V., V., known among his loved ones as «Mayito», when it circulated in a motorcycle of Yamaha type Crypton, of color red with black, without plates, moment in which he was shot in Repeatedly, leaving his body lying on the asphalt tape.
In the same way a few meters from the final officer, it was located the lifeless body, with bullet hits of a stranger, inside a Jeep truck, black, with plates HCK-031-C of the state of Guerrero, unit that has signs of «buying and selling avocado» .
The zone was cordoned and closed to the circulation, so that the agents and experts of the unit specialized in the scene of the crime, undertake the collection of evidences and testimonies to integrate to the respective folder of investigation.

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