translated from Spanish: A detainee accused of co-authoring the crime of Lola Chomnalez

The investigation for the death of Lola Chomnalez again has news after a time of standing. Two weeks ago, Argentine justice presented its own research to collaborate with Uruguay. When the new prosecutor of the case Jorge Vaz resumed the cause, he considered important the declarations of Ángel «El Cachito» Moreira, aged 33, who had already been detained For this fact. Moreira, accused of co-author of the assassination, was prosecuted with remand, while another man, known as «The Rabbit,» declared as a witness and was released. The investigation carried out by graduates in criminology and Argentine criminologists was taken to the prosecutor’s office of Rocha by Adriana Belmonte and Diego Chomnalez, Lola’s parents. «We have a light of hope and we will continue to fight to find Lola’s assassins,» said Diego Chomnalez. My daughter’s killers are between Valizas and freshwater. We are convinced that this year we will have the novelties we hope for, «said Lola’s mother, who added that» it was not a single person who committed the crime, «which coincides with the analysis put in the file. They would have been at least two subjects. On Saturday, December 27, 2014, Lola (15) traveled to Barra de Valizas to stay in the house of her godmother Claudia Fernandez, who lived with her husband Hernán Tuzinkevcih and her 14-year-old son. The next day, he went for a walk on the beach and did not know more about it, until she was found murdered two days later at 4 kilometres from the house, in a dune area. According to the autopsy, the 15-year-old girl died of «suffocation asphyxiation» and had cuts with a white gun in several parts of the body. Two days after the finding of the body, they found Lola’s backpack with a towels with a blood smear. That genetic material was compared to all the detainees who had the cause, but it always got negative. Lola’s godmother, her husband and son were arrested as suspects but were finally ruled out and released. They never contacted the Chomnalez family again.

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