translated from Spanish: Guillermina Valdés and Marcelo Tinelli answered intimate questions

Marcelo Tinelli and Guillermina Valdes are in Esquel complying with mandatory preventive social isolation. In full quarantine they underwent a viral challenge: with their eyes closed, they answered questions about the intimate of the couple. Candelaria Tinelli, the driver’s daughter, was in charge of viralizing him. 

Faced with the question of Tik Tok’s challenge «Who is the most jealous?» they both agreed and pointed to Marcellus. They also revealed that it was the driver who «gave the first kiss» in the relationship. When answering «who asks for forgiveness first after fighting», the ShowMatch driver and the model disagreed and each pointed to himself. They did agree that Guillermina is funnier than Tinelli, but that he is the «most romantic» of the two. She in turn is «more patient» and Marcelo is the one who «cooks best».
The driver was the one who «said ‘I love you'» first in this love story that’s been more than eight years.» Who is more angry?» asks the voice of the viral challenge and the two said that Guillermina.
Then when he asks who is the «most foolish» everyone pointed to the other. The «most sociable», Tinelli and Valdés the «most messy». Who «eats more», each pointed to himself. Who gives the most gifts, he and finally, the one who «earns the most money», Marcelo. 

Original source in Spanish

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