translated from Spanish: Maria Jimena Pereyra’s snub bothered to former Red: «I find it super bad class»

new polemics lived in «Red: color of talent», then that a former participant returned to the study of TVN to introduce their new single «to your» way». «It was Bárbara Muñoz who was surprised by the reception given by María Jimena Pereyra.Tras end of your presentation, all the companions stood to cheer, with the exception of Leandro Martínez and Pereyra.» Neither approached me, the truth was very rare. More than annoy me, I find it super bad kind not welcome a partner. But not all are professional and respectful, I guess,»Munoz told the portal page 7.Y added that» Leandro will not say anything because I really just, but it surprised me. » «When the cameras focused were the only ones sitting without applauding, little super professional and friendly». The same thing happened in Instagram, platform where the singer who currently lives in California, United States, wrote: «a taste having sung again in the program that wins a few years ago. Thanks to most of my former colleagues by the good reception and so much care! «.» Among the comments, was one of argentina: «Bella, just read these comments, nothing to say, my admiration for you, and your beautiful voice. Love, the truth you didn’t see in dressing rooms! And the study was crazy! That we will be pretty obvious! Love! «.»

Original source in Spanish

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