translated from Spanish: Santilli ratified the recreational outings: Saturday, PAR ID; Sunday, odd ID

Following the announcement of Horacio Rodríguez Larreta during the alberto Fernández conference and his subsequent confirmation yesterday, this Sunday morning Diego Santilli ratified the recreational outings for children under 16 accompanied by their parents. In dialogue with Radio Mitre, he explained how it will be carried out: on Saturday will be able to leave those people whose ID ends in even number, while on Sunday will be those with ID finished in odd number.

The deputy head of government of Buenos Aires called this initiative “a way out of the confinement, but always with the care” necessary to prevent further contagion. According to the numbers recorded, on Saturdays the traffic in the City goes down to 15% and on Sundays to 11%: “That’s why we want the kids to go out for that walk on weekends, we don’t want to put 700,000 more kids (on the streets) during the week.”

On the other hand, Santilli clarified that “the squares will not be open” since “it is different to walk on the sidewalks of the squares but the games are a source of contagion, the doctors told us.” Among his radio statements, the official also estimated that, from next weekend, around 18,000 families will be able to make moves that had to be suspended by quarantine. The idea of the measures announced, he said, is that “there is less influx, so the supply of non-essential shops is only Monday to Friday.” In addition, he emphasized the “graduality” of the opening “because we have neither a remedy for the virus, not even a vaccine.” We’re going to look at the day-to-day of the curve and the contagions,” he said.

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