translated from Spanish: Morelia’s Ministry of Rural Development invites you to live “Mezcal route”

Morelia, Michoacán.-In order to strengthen the marketing and production chain derived from a local agricultural product such as Maguey, the city Council through its secretariat of Rural development and environment of Morelia, by Jesús Vergara Aguirre of Morelia announced the “Route of Mezcal” belonging to the holding of Jesus del Monte, which will begin on 25 May of the present at 10:00 hours on the cruise of Ichaqueo-Tumbisca, so reported in a statement.
The municipal official, in the company of the head of tenure of this community, José Manuel Hernández Elguero, the president of the system product Maguey in the municipality, Mario Rocha Corrales and the president of the Association of Producers of Maguey, Adam Garcia Vieyra, He emphasized that it will be the third route of Mezcal in the state in which will have exposure, sale and tasting.
Another of the purposes of this family event and coexistence is to publicize Morelia as a producer of Mezcal assured the head of tenure of Jesus del Monte, José Manuel Hernández, who invited the citizens to attend this event where you can ride a horse , enjoy a cultural billboard, band music, tour to Vinatas, bulls of backpack and horse races.
Likewise, the President of the product system Maguey in the municipality, Mario Rocha, explained that visitors can live the experience of Jimar El Maguey, know how to distill the mezcal, enjoy a regional gastronomic sample and taste of up to 6 brands Different from this distillate.

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