translated from Spanish: UMSNH prepares activities to commemorate 80 years of Spanish exile

Morelia, Michoacán.-The Michoacan University of San Nicolás de Hidalgo (UMSNH) announced that it will carry out a series of academic and cultural activities to commemorate the 80 anniversary of Spanish exile and its presence in the House of Hidalgo.
The Secretary of Cultural diffusion and university extension, Héctor Pérez Pintor, commented that among the objectives of the activities is that the Rector Raúl Cárdenas Navarro formally presents the general coordinator of the organizing Committee of the events Commemorative of the 80 anniversary of Spanish exile in Mexico.
Marco Antonio Landavazo Arias, Coordinator of the scientific research of the House of Hidalgo, recalled that the date of arrival at the port of Veracruz of the Boat “Sinaia”, also called the “Ship of the Life”, which brought the first 1599 refugees, was coming. Who left their country for the Spanish Civil War. In July 1939 also arrived the boats “Ipanema” with 998 exiles and “Mexique”, with two 1200 more.
Mexico lived a “very luminous” moment in its foreign policy history by providing its support to all Spaniards who decided to leave their homeland to take refuge in the country after the coup d’état that ended with the Republic and started the dictatorship that led the General Francisco Franco for almost 4 decades.
Among the activities planned are three roundtables: Intellectuals of Spanish Exile, organized by the Institute of Historical Research; Spanish jurists in the Spanish exile and their relationship with the Michoacan University, organized by the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences and, the Exile philosophers at the Michoacan University, organized by the Faculty of Philosophy. In addition, a conference is being provided by Dr. Gerardo Sánchez Díaz.
Similarly, there will be colloquiums on the philosopher Maria Zambrano, on October 8 at the Faculty of Philosophy and another on diplomacy, law and culture, organized by the Faculty of Law.
The presentation of two books on the presence of Spanish exile at the Michoacan University, written by Gerardo Sánchez Díaz and edited by the UMSNH in coordination with the economic Culture Fund, will be presented on September 4 in the University Cultural Center in Morelia and the 26th of the same month in the library of the FCE.
On the cultural side, a photographic exhibition is planned on June 10th at the University Cultural Center, a poetry recital “Poets in Exile” on the 26th of the same month in the aula mater of the primitive and national School of San Nicolás de Hidalgo and a talk Reci About Rodolfo Halffter.

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