translated from Spanish: The heat makes them request more substations to Isife

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.-The high temperatures that have been felt in recent days provoke the increase of more applications for substations for elementary schools in the state, recognized the Director of the Institute of Physical Infrastructure Sinaloa Educational (Isife), Andrés Castro Rojo. Demand
In one month they reached up to 200 requests. Only from Mazatlan are 60 and are given attention based on the urgency and resources that are. There is a game of about 50 million pesos, which is not enough to meet all the demands. The requests exceed the money, recognizes the director of the Isife. In addition to the substations, there are lags in exchange for cabling, since there are very old buildings. The roofs are other requests from students, teachers and parents who also increase in this season that is hotter. Support
Every day they enter Isife different requests for schools. Some are taken care of immediately, but those that require a strong game have to wait. It was so much the lag in educational infrastructure, that by more than they were built classrooms, they rehabilitated campuses and they built sanitary, more details arose. 

There is attention to the schools, but when you have a universe of almost 6000 campuses and a high percentage of buildings with up to 50 years, there are many damages.
Castro Rojo explained that they are going to do everything possible to meet the highest number of requests from schools. The idea is that children and young people can work in the best conditions.

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